Service Dog Training

We offer service dog training

Service dogs can be an awesome lifeline for individuals with disabilities. They are tasked trained to help their handler with their disability and together handler and service dog make a great team. The first step is to schedule a Service Dog Evaluation.

Service Dog Evaluation

What are Service Dog Training Options?

Service dog training clients participate in the same training options as pet dogs except the training goals are different and the training is a longer process from start to finish.

Some service dog training clients just do private lessons. Others do a combination of private lessons and board & train. While some clients have us do the training in board & train and they learn to maintain their dog's training in private lessons along the way.

On average it takes 18-24 months to train a service dog from start to finish. The process involves three main parts:

  1. foundational training we do with all dogs
  2. public access, teaching dogs how to be in non pet friendly places
  3. Task training, the specific trained behaviors a service dog does to help their handler.

Service dog in training, Finley, doing under. This teaches dogs to stay out of the way during public access.

Service dog in training, Naga, working on the Nothing Activity. Learning to settle, an important skill during public access.

What types of service dog tasks can you train?

We can help with a variety different tasks for your service dog. This list is not the end all but an example of some.

  • Deep Pressure Therapy
  • Blocking
  • Momentum Pull
  • Guide work (for psych)
  • Diabetic Alert
  • Retrieving Objects
  • Turning on and off lights
  • Interrupting self harm
  • Anxiety Alert
  • and more...
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