Service Dog Evaluation

Service Dog Evaluation

Interested in starting the journey to have a Service Dog? The first step is a Service Dog Evaluation. This appointment can cover any of the following scenarios regarding service dog training.

  • you have a puppy or dog you'd like evaluated as a service dog prospect
  • you have a breeder you're getting a prospect from and would like to get set up for training before your puppy comes home so you can start right away.
  • you don't have a puppy or dog and would like to discuss about finding a prospect
  • you want to learn more about the service dog process and if a service dog is right for you

Service Dog Evaluations only happen at our location in Minooka, IL and last between 60-90 minutes. If you are having an older puppy, adolescent or adult dog evaluated, we may schedule an additional appointment to go to a pet friendly store and see how your dog responds in public. This isn't to check your dog's current training but rather their temperament and natural reactions to various sights and sounds. This second appointment is included in the price of the first.

Get started by filling out our Service Dog Contact form below.  We'll be in touch to schedule a Service Dog Evaluation and get you started on the road to more independence.

Service Dog Contact Form

If you are interested in doing service dog training with us, please fill out our Service Dog Contact Form.  We'll be in touch to schedule a Service Dog Evaluation. We look forward to helping you and your future service dog!