Private Lessons

Get rid of your frustration and gain confidence, calmness and fun with your dog!


*Looking for help with your dog?  You're in the right place!

*Don't be embarrassed by your dog when guests come over or while on a walk.  Have a dog with great manners!  Have a dog that can make better choices on their own so they need less micromanaging and are more fun to live with!

*We can help with silly, mouth puppies to crazy teenage dogs to dog with reactivity, anxiety or aggression.

*Have a dog that you can enjoy! 

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Monthly Membership Private Lessons
The Good Dog Private Lesson Program
Our Customizable Hybrid Program

What can my dog and I learn in Private Lessons?

*How to politely greet people (no more jumping on guests and embarrassing you!)

*A dog that doesn't counter surf or steal things in the house and then play keep away

*Learning to correct your dog for behaviors you don't want in a way that won't shut them down and actually gets them more enthusiastic about what they should be doing

*Enjoy a dog that walks nicely on a leash (no more dragging you around the neighborhood!)

*Teaching your dog to wait for permission to go out a door (no more running out of the crate, house or car doors!)

*Basic obedience (sit, down, mat) with an implied stay. 

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*Building a positive and respectful relationship with your dog

*Help your dog become comfortable for nail trims, brushing, baths, ear cleaning and other grooming activities.

*How is your dog at the vet office?  Have a dog that is comfortable and relaxed for vet exams, blood draws, ear cleanings and other veterinary procedures without having to get stressed out or trying to be aggressive toward veterinary staff.

*How to relax and have a calmer demeanor - relaxed dogs are happier and make better decisions because they're not going a mile a minute

*Physical, mental and confidence-building exercises

*Teaching your dog to have an optimistic state of mind instead of a pessimistic view of the world

*A great start to raising a puppy, working with a rebellious adolescent dog, an adult set in their ways, and more!

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Private Lessons

In private lessons, we work one on one with you and your dog(s).  We will take you through the same process we successfully do with our dogs and board & train dogs.  We become your coach and you becoming your dog's trainer.

Our Private Lessons are offered in two formats: a monthly membership or our awesome Good Dog Program

Monthly Membership Option

Our monthly Private Lesson Subscription is an easy option to get started with one on one assistance with your dog.  We become your dog training coach, teaching you in lessons how to train your dog. You become your dog's trainer, working with your dog between lessons.

What's included?

  • Up to 2 private lessons a month. Lesson at 60-90 minutes each.

  • Monthly membership to our Exclusive Client Support Group

  • Enrollment in our Online Courses starting with our Fundamentals course. We also have Perception Modification, Loose Leash Walking and more!

Want more lessons a month?  No problem!  You can add extra lessons.  Get as much help as you want!

2 Private Lessons Membership Prices

Private Lesson Membership at our Location

  • $260/month

Private Lesson Membership in Your Home (within 30 minutes of our location)

  • $320/month

For either location, need a break from training but want to maintain your monthly amount, stay in the Exclusive Client Support Group for $22/month and restart private lessons when you're ready. You can train as many months as you want and stop anytime, we just ask for a 30 day cancellation notice.

"I just wanted to tell you that I took Enzo on a walk today with my daughter in the big stroller, and he did awesome!!!!...One of the best walks I've had with a dog, and I just wanted to thank you for for that.  You taught us very well!"

Rachel R. and Enzo

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The Good Dog Program

Our Good Dog Private Lesson Program is our ultimate private lesson program.  This program includes:

*6 months of private lessons at our location. We meet weekly.

*Training equipment (leash walking equipment, long line, Micro or Mini Educator if client decides to do off leash work). 

*When you dog is ready, access to our Play & Train group class

*Enrollment in our online course Freedom Dog and our Exclusive Client Support group.

The program is designed to give you and your dog the ultimate training experience for the ultimate success!

Training Investment: $3200

Want to See How Freedom Dog Training Academy can help you and your dog? Check out our Videos Page!

Customized Hybrid Program


Starting Price

  • 3-4 weeks Board & Train in our Home - your dog doesn't stay in a noisy kennel but the comfort of our own home during training.
  • 3-4 Private Lessons - be confident in your dog's training when they come home!
  • Ideal for dogs with no behavior issues.  Or as part of a Hybrid Program.
  • We will get started with our Fundamentals program and depending on your dog we'll see where we go from there.
  • A Hybrid program is a combination of regular private lessons before and after a board and train.  This can be great for dog's and owners who want to do some of the training themselves but want their dog to benefit from working directly with a professional trainer in their home as well.
  • This program can be added to either a private lesson monthly subscription or The Good Dog Private Lesson Program as a way to expand your dog's training and give them a unique experience.

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