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No more waiting for the next lesson opening or group class to start or when we have a board and train spot available. With our online courses along with our Exclusive Client Support Group, you can train your dog with help and assistance for a fraction of the cost of our private lesson programs or customized board and train options.

R&R: Reward & Relaxation

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R&R: Reward & Relaxation


Top features

  • Be able to get started helping your dog on Day 1.
  • Our foundation principles will change how you view your dog's behavior and how you can help your dog
  • Learn about how the simply yet powerful word "yes" can transform your dog!
  • The TBTE 6 Things to Reward will teach learn what to look for to reward and how to look for behaviors to create a more optimistic and calmer dog.
  • The TBTE Behavioral Down teaches your dog how to work through frustration to find relaxation helping with anxiety, frustration, barking, whining, hyperactivity, mouthing, aggression and more!
  • Want personal feedback & help with your dog as you're training?  Join our Exclusive Client Support Group for $29 a month.  
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Everything in the R&R course PLUS

  • Teach your dog not to go out the door without permission - no more run aways!

  • Have a dog who is well mannered when guests come over - no more being embarrassed by your dog's behavior!

  • Teach your dog how to stop certain behaviors such as jumping on people or stealing items in the house.

  • Use the Power of Discovery to help your dog with reactivity, anxiety, hyperactivity and more!

  • Your dog will learn patience and impulse control - waiting their turn instead of being pushy and rude.

  • Have a dog who makes good choices on their own without having to be micromanaged all the time.

  • Want personal feedback & help with your dog as you're training?  Join our Exclusive Client Support Group for $22 a month. 
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TBTE Behavioral Down

Have a more relaxed dog!

Is your dog anxious, hyperactive, never sits still except when exhausted or crated?  The TBTE Behavioral Down is a simple yet very powerful relaxation activity you can do with your dog that will help them find deep relaxation and a calmer self.

Start today and help your dog learn how to relax and feel better!

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