Pick the membership that works best for you.  Work at your own pace, change the level of support you want and cancel anytime.  Our memberships are flexible and give you the support you need to be successful with your dog!

Online Membership


Top features

  • In our Online Membership includes enrollment in our four online courses: Let's Relax, Stop That!, Change My Mind and Loose Leash Walking. These highly successful courses teach the same material we cover in our other services.

  •  We are always adding new examples and information to the courses, continuing to add value and topics.

  •  We also have videos showing the progression of board and train dogs through their programs so you can see the training in action.

  •  You'll also gain enrollment in our Exclusive Client Support Group.  This is a place where you can post and ask questions, get feedback, see posts about dogs we are working and more.

  •  Getting support and feedback and greatly help enhance your learning and training with your dog. You can post and ask questions about all dogs in your household!

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 "I have a 11 month german Shepherd...all I have to say is my dog Bruce has learned more in the two training sessions with Nicole than the 18 previous training sessions with other Trainers.  I am extremely excited to see how Bruce is after eight weeks!  Thanks Nicole!"

Haley F.

Private Lesson Memberships

Our monthly private lesson memberships are an easy option to get started with one on one assistance with your dog.  We become your dog training coach, teaching you in lessons how to train your dog. You become your dog's trainer, working with your dog between lessons.

What's included?

  • Depending on your membership, 1 or 2 private lessons a month. Lessons 90 minutes each.

  • Monthly membership to our Exclusive Client Support Group

  • Enrollment in our Online Courses that go with our private lessons.

  • The membership prices below are for our location.  Want lessons at your home, ask us for a custom quote.

Want more lessons a month?  No problem!  You can add extra lessons.  Get as much help as you want!

Single Lesson


Top features

  • 1 Private Lesson a month
  • Join our Exclusive Client Support Group
  • Enroll in online courses that support our private lesson.

Double Lessons


Top features

  • 2 Private Lessons a month
  • Join our Exclusive Client Support Group
  • Enroll in online courses that support our private lesson.
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Do you have trouble walking your dog on a leash?

Is your dog pulling you on walks?  Zig Zagging left and right almost tripping you?  Do you not walk your dog because it's embarrassing?

Our training will help teach your dog to walk calmly and politely next to you on the walk. 

Enjoy time in the neighborhood, chatting with a friend or going to the pet friendly outdoor market with your dog instead of leaving them at home!

Does your dog know how to relax?

Does your dog whine? Pace? React to a pin dropping in the room?

Most dogs we work with don't know how to relax themselves.  Relaxation feels good so we want dogs to feel better and owners to have a better relationship with their dog!

This example is Sadie, a very anxious dog who came to us with reactivity and aggressive issues.  You can see how the TBTE Relaxation Triad helped her tremendously feel better about life in general.

Does your dog bark?

Does your dog bark

*at other dogs or people on walks

*out a window at people walking by

*when a package is delivered

*when guests come in the door

*just because?!

Let us help your dog learn to be calmer and not feel like they need to bark at things.  Have a more peaceful time at home and away with your dog!

Do you want a dog that pays attention to you?

Does your dog ignore you?  Or only listen in your home and blows your off outside?

Our training program will teach your dog to pay attention to you inside your house and outside.  No more begging for your dog's attention to listen to you!

"Very thorough training experience. Nicole is knowledgable and patient. The ideal combination. My dog is so much easier to live with as a result of this training. I would definitely hire her again!"