Foundation Program 

Our Foundation Program is ideal for dogs:

  • who need to learn manners
  • that have trouble walking on the leash
  • who run out doors
  • who play catch me if you can
  • with minor behavioral issues 
  • and dogs who need to learn to relax!
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For dogs with more intense behavioral issues (reactivity, aggression or anxiety) we highly recommend our Freedom Dog Program.

Freedom Dog Program

Our Foundation course will focus on and address:

*Building a positive and respectful relationship with your dog

*Physical, mental and confidence-building exercises

*Teaching your dog to have an optimistic state of mind instead of a pessimistic view of the world

*How to politely greet people (no more jumping on guests and embarrassing you!)

*A dog that doesn’t counter surf or steal things in the house and then play keep away

*Enjoy a dog that walks nicely on a leash (no more dragging you around the neighborhood!)

*How to relax and have a calmer demeanor – relaxed dogs are happier and make better decisions because they’re not going a mile a minute

*Teaching your dog to wait for permission to go out a door (no more running out of the crate, house or car doors!)

*Learning to correct your dog for behaviors you don’t want in a way that won’t shut them down and actually gets them more enthusiastic about what they should be doing

*Begin the foundation for a great recall with our very fun Paper Plate Recall game!

*A dog that can make better choices on their own so they need less micromanaging and are more fun to live with!

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 "I have a 11 month german Shepherd...all I have to say is my dog Bruce has learned more in the two training sessions with Nicole than the 18 previous training sessions with other Trainers.  I am extremely excited to see how Bruce is after eight weeks!  Thanks Nicole!"

Haley F.

Week 1: Begin teaching your dog to be more optimistic & make better choices

Grade School Model: training your dog at their level.

Melting the Mountain: start with the easier challenges first

How to use food to reward and help you dog, not bribe them

6 Things to Reward: what to look for to reward your dog

Week 2: A deeper dive into relaxation and begin door manners

Criteria: know when to start increasing challenges for your dog

DRR: the 1st of the Relaxation Triad, using food to teach your dog to learn how to relax without being tired or exhausted.

BD: the 2nd of the Relaxation Triad, teaching your dog to find deep relaxation and lower their trigger to react to things

Door Trick: Let's teach your dog not to run out the door without permission

Week 3: 

DRO: Learning to reward your dog for lots and lots of things outside of obedience commands.

ARTA: teaching your dog about no and to be optimistic to punishment.

Name & Explain: helps your dog not to be so reactive to sights and sounds.

Say Yes Steps 1&2: your dog will start learning to give you eye contact

Week 4: 

Reverse Boundary: is your dog crazy when guests come in the door, this will help!

Punishment by Reward: Learn how to stop your dog from doing behaviors by using food

Say Yes Step 3:  after learning to give eye contact, we'll add an automatic sit in step 3

Week 5: 

Pre Leash Walking: Some dogs need an extra step for help before beginning leash walking.

First week of Leash Walking:  this starts on the long line to teach your dog to be more aware of where you are

Say Yes Steps 4: your dog will learn to come in straight in front of you to pay attention to you

Week 6: 

Second week of Leash Walking: you'll switch to the short leash and start working on turns and stops with your dog walking politely with you.

Paper Plate Recall Step 1: This fun game will work on teaching your dog sit, release and come! 

Say Yes Step 5:  We'll be adding duration.  Having your dog hold eye contact and paying attention to you longer!

Week 7: 

Third week of Leash Walking: We'll be adding an automatic sit to our walk and increasing distractions

Paper Plate Recall Step 2: you'll begin to add distance to your plate and recall this week

Pole Trick: how. to teach your dog to walk next to you and not get tangled up around people, posts, trees...

Week 8: 

Leash walking:  We'll work on Generalizing and Proofing.  These are two very important steps to take when training any behavior

Paper Plate Recall Races: Get your dog ready to see if they are the fastest recaller in group class!

Summing Up:  Where do you go from here from with what you have learned in this class?

"Very thorough training experience. Nicole is knowledgable and patient. The ideal combination. My dog is so much easier to live with as a result of this training. I would definitely hire her again!"

Gayle S.

Plus Bonuses to Get Excited About!





Live Q&A sessions

We'll be doing live Q&A sessions available exclusively to clients in our Foundation Online Classroom Facebook Group.


Private Facebook Group

As a student in the Foundation Program, you'll be able to join our FDTA - Foundation Facebook Group. Watch our lessons, post your homework assignments for feedback, ask questions about course content and share successes!


Puppy Section!

Our puppy section will cover topics such as potty training, crate training, a general puppy schedule, information on making your puppy's schedule, how to make sure your puppy is getting enough sleep and more!


Easter Egg Hunts

Easter Egg Hunts are an awesome activity for your dog to learn about the power of discovery.  This fun activity is awesome for helping nervous dog feel more confident, naughty dogs who like to steal things look for the food they can have instead and help form great habits for puppies.

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Most Popular!

  • Our 8 week Foundation Online Course
  • 2 Months enrolled in our Foundation Online Classroom 
  • Exclusive Academy prices on Private lessons for one on one assistance (additional cost for private lessons)
  • Access to our exclusive Academy Group Class for additional support and practice around other dogs and people
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2 Month Payment Plan


Top features

  • Our 8 week Foundation Online Course 
  • 2 Months enrolled in our Foundation Online Classroom 
  • Exclusive Academy prices on Private lessons for one on one assistance (additional cost for private lessons)
  • Access to our exclusive Academy Group Class for additional support and practice around other dogs and people
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Academy Private Lessons

All students enrolled in either the Foundation or Freedom Dog Academy programs can schedule one on one assistance.

Private lessons can go over any material in your course and are typically 1.5-2 hours long. These private lessons can be done virtually online, at our location in Minooka, IL or in your home (within 30 minutes of our location). Our Private lessons are setup as reverse lessons.  This means you've already covered the material in the Foundation or Freedom Dog course and would like to work with us one on one for personal assistance.  Private lessons can be scheduled to meet after you have completed week 2 in your self study course.

You can request a private lesson through your ProPet account or give us a call and we'll set things up for you over the phone.

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Private Lesson Foundation Program


Top features

  • Our Foundation Online Course ($275 value!)
  • 6 Months enrolled in our Foundation Online Classroom ($625 value!)
  • Private lessons are included.  Don't worry about paying for individual lessons in this 6 month program!
    • Private lessons can be done virtually, at our location or at your home (within 30 minutes of our location)
    • Private Lessons will only cover the material taught in the Foundation Program
  • Access to our exclusive Academy Group Class for additional support and practice around other dogs and people for 6 months ($350 value!)
  • Dogs with anxiety, reactivity and aggression are not eligible.  Check out our Freedom Dog Program for dogs with more intense behavioral challenges.
  • The program price is per household not per dog.
  • We have limited spots in this program so that everyone gets plenty of one on one private lessons with us.
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Why our clients love our Board & Train Programs

  • We figure out the best approach for your dog.
  • Your dog is learning directly from a professional
  • Supervised, safe socialization that is at your dog’s pace
  • Faster training since your dog is integrated into our household from day one
  • Field trips to pet friendly locations – so your dog learns to focus around increased distractions with professional handling
  • You don’t have to do all the basic foundation work – the trainer does this for you, and then you can practice with your dog who already has basic training concepts down – you don’t have stumble through it together
  • We transfer the training to you during and after the training in exclusive private lessons so that you can also continue the training once your dog is home

Foundation Board & Train Program

The Foundation program is a 21 day board and train in our home with three private lessons to teach you your dog’s training.  The Foundation program is focused on behavioral training and loose leash walking and is for puppies and dogs of all ages. This program is designed to teach relaxation, and create a balanced, healthy, well-behaved dog.  We address the underlying issues of excitability, hyperactivity and other mild behaviors issues.  Dogs with reactivity, intense anxiety and aggression are not eligible for this program.

For puppies, we'll get them "started off on the right foot" before undesired behaviors become habit.  Dogs thrive on routine, and training is never a one-time's a lifestyle!  Our Foundation program begins that lifestyle!

Enjoy Walks

Have a relaxed dog

Fun Socials

Foundation Board & Train


Top features

  • 3 weeks of Board & Train in our home on our beautiful 1.7 acre property in Minooka, IL
  • 3 private lessons to teach you your dog's training ($375 value!)
  • Training equipment ($50 value!)
  • Our Freedom Dog Training Academy
    • Admission in our Foundation Course, our 8 week course full of videos, handouts and tons of training information ($275 value!)
    • Enrollment in our Online Classroom for 6 months of instruction and support ($625 value!)
  • You get all this plus your dog staying and training with me in my house with my personal dogs ($1575 value!)
  • A $2900 value program!
  • To Get Started with the Foundation Board & Train, please fill out our Training Evaluation Questionnaire so we can schedule a Training Evaluation.  Click Here to Learn more about the Training Evaluation and what's included. You will only pay for the Training Evaluation at this time.
  • Want to add an off leash recall to your dog's training?  Check out our Freedom Dog Board & Train Program!
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"I was really nervous when I set out to find a dog trainer for my German Shepherd, but all that was put to ease when Nicole came by for a meet and greet with my dog. She explained to me all of her training methods and answered any questions i had. She was very easy to talk to about any problems I had concerning my dog. And after three weeks of her board and train program, I am wowed! Her results are outstanding. My dog now gives me her full attention, is much more calm, and no longer pulls while walking."

Rennita J.

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