Dream Dog Program

The Dream Dog Board & Train program is our results-based program which means there are no limits!  This program is designed to break the norm of week to week board and train programs.  We customize and create a program that will transform your dog!  The Dream Dog program is customized to work with your needs and not against the clock or your dog's learning.  With no time limit, we can achieve incredible results with your dog that allows them to learn at their pace.  In addition we want to support your learning also with access to our Academy: Freedom Dog online course, Online Classroom, Academy Group Class and plenty of private lessons to teach you your dog's training for a lifetime of long lasting results!

Our Dream Dog Program is also a great program for dogs with more intense and extreme behavioral issues such as intense anxiety, human or dog aggression where the dog has done damage or drawn blood.

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Why our clients love our Board & Train Programs

  • We figure out the best approach for your dog.
  • Your dog is learning directly from a professional
  • Supervised, safe socialization that is at your dog’s pace
  • Faster training since your dog is integrated into our household from day one
  • Field trips to pet friendly locations – so your dog learns to focus around increased distractions with professional handling
  • You don’t have to do all the basic foundation work – the trainer does this for you, and then you can practice with your dog who already has basic training concepts down – you don’t have stumble through it together
  • We transfer the training to you during and after the training in exclusive private lessons so that you can also continue the training once your dog is home
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Zeke had a history of barking and lunging with intent to do harm to other people and especially other dogs.  After many weeks of training, we took him on a trip to a local pet friendly store during a vaccination clinic.  So proud of how this guy did!

Wally has a bite history on people and was particular about how and when he'd let people touch him.  Sometimes he was fine, other times very aggressive.  Here we're working on having him get more comfortable being handled.

Dream Dog Board & Train Program


Top features

  • Your dog will stay with us as many weeks as needed to meet their customized board & train plan in our home on our beautiful 1.7 acre property in Minooka, IL
  • We'll be doing as many lessons as needed to teach you your dog's training, the exact number will be determined by during and after the board & train program to teach you your dog's training (starting at a $750 value!)
  • Training equipment ($50-$200 value!)
  • Our Freedom Dog Training Academy
    • Admission in our Freedom Dog Course, our 16 week course full of videos, handouts and tons of training information ($525 value!)
    • Enrollment in our Freedom Dog Online Classroom for 6 months of instruction and support ($625 value!)
  • You get all this plus your dog staying and training with me in my house with my personal dogs (starting at a $4200 value!)
  • Starting at a $6650 value!
  • To Get Started with the Dream Dog Board & Train, please fill out our Training Evaluation Questionnaire so we can schedule a Training Evaluation.  Click Here to Learn more about the Training Evaluation and what's included. You will only pay for the Training Evaluation at this time.
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Our Foundation and Freedom Dog Board & Train Programs

Each of our other programs, Foundation and Freedom Dog, have their own board & train programs. Click on the links before to learn more about them.  We are looking forward to seeing the transformation of your dog!

Foundation Board & Train 

The Foundation Board & Train (B&T) is a 21 day board and train in our home with three private lessons to teach you your dog’s training.  The Foundation program is focused on behavioral training and loose leash walking and is for puppies and dogs of all ages. This program is designed to teach relaxation, and create a balanced, healthy, well-behaved dog.  We address the underlying issues of excitability, hyperactivity and other mild behaviors issues.  Dogs with reactivity, aggression and intense anxiety are not eligible for this program.

For puppies, we'll get them "started off on the right foot" before undesired behaviors become habit.  Dogs thrive on routine, and training is never a one-time event...it's a lifestyle!  Our Foundation program begins that lifestyle!

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Freedom Dog Board & Train

Our Freedom Dog Board & Train is a 5 week board and train in our home with five private lessons to teach you your dog's training.  We begin with the skills taught in the Foundation program [relaxation, manners, loose leash walking, and creating a well behaved dog] and expand them.

The most popular thing do in the Freedom Dog board & train dog to further a dog's training is an off leash recall.  Imagine a dog that comes back to you right away and a dog you can have off leash with confidence on a walk or hike or at the beach!

Our Freedom Dog Board & Train is also great for dogs with mild to moderate anxiety, reactivity or aggression (a Training Evaluation will determine if this program or the Dream Dog Program is better for your dog with behavioral issues). These dogs need more help to be successful. We spend more time helping the dog and doing additional training techniques to assist these dogs overcome their challenges.

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