Dream Dog Board & Train Program

Your dog will come and stay in our home on beautiful 2 acres in Minooka, IL.  They'll be immersed in training from day 1 and receive a personalized training program to help them become your Dream Dog.

Starting at 2/3 weeks into the board and train, we'll begin having private lessons with you and your dog together.  This will teach you your dog's new training so you'll be confident and successful when your dog goes home with you!

Why our clients love our Board & Train Programs

  • We figure out the best approach for your dog.
  • Your dog is learning directly from a professional
  • Supervised, safe socialization that is at your dog’s pace
  • Faster training since your dog is integrated into our household from day one
  • Field trips to pet friendly locations – so your dog learns to focus around increased distractions with professional handling
  • You don’t have to do all the basic foundation work – the trainer does this for you, and then you can practice with your dog who already has basic training concepts down – you don’t have stumble through it together
  • We transfer the training to you during and after the training in exclusive private lessons so that you can also continue the training once your dog is home
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"I did board and train with Nicole: I took a crazy, active, and not well behaved little boxer. I got back a well mannered and well behaved boxer. My grandson could hardly take Brandi on walks or out for bathroom time because of the pulling and jumping.  Now he is the first to jump up and off to take her out.

I read on Nicole's website she also did off leash training.  I thought that would be great by never dreamed it could happen.  Brandi always played catch me if you can when an opening was there.  Now we can go on walks, play ball and go to a friend's house with no leash.

Amazing is not a big enough word to describe what Nicole did with my baby.  From first visit till now Nicole is ready to help.  Five star plus is what I would rate Nicole and her training."

Diane P with Brandi

Dream Dog Board & Train Program

The Dream Dog Board & Train program is our results-based program.  This mean we take the time needed to work with your dog to meet your training goals.  We customize and create a program that will transform your dog!

Do you feel lost, frustrated, annoyed or embarrassed by your dog's behavior at home or out in the neighborhood? We can help with:



  • pulling on the leash
  • jumping on people
  • barking at people, other dogs, squirrels and more
  • running out the door
  • not coming back when called
  • anxiety
  • pacing
  • whining
  • stealing items in the house
  • playing catch me if you can
  • counter surfing for food
  • knocking the kids over in excitement
  • aggression
  • and more!

Instead you'll feel confident to work with your dog successfully, proud to have guests over with your dog's impeccable behavior, and excited to take your dog places: walks in the neighborhood, to to parks and off leash hiking where your dog comes back to you when you call the first time!

Sign up your dog today for our Dream Dog Program and be prepared for a lifetime of long lasting results and enjoyment with your dog, friends and family!

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Zeke had a history of barking and lunging with intent to do harm to other people and especially other dogs. He had bitten someone puncturing the  skin and has also attacked his Husky housemate where she needed stitches at the vet office.  He would have bitten me at the training evaluation and tried to bite me several times after being dropped off for board and train.  

Want to have an awesome recall with your dog to enjoy walks and hikes off leash?

Ask about adding an off leash recall to your dog's board and train program!

Does your dog run off or play hard to catch?

Let us teach your dog to come back when called!  Enjoy a dog who comes in from the backyard right away, a dog you can take out to the park for a good run or a hike in the woods who comes back when you call the first time!  Dogs love to run, give your dog the freedom to enjoy themselves off leash!

Dream Dog Board & Train Program


Starting Price

  • Our Dream Dog Program is our results based customized board and train program.  Your dog will stay with us as many weeks as needed to meet their customized board & train plan in our home on our beautiful 1.7 acre property in Minooka, IL
  • How many weeks your dog's program is and what we teach will be determined at the Training Evaluation.  In general, a Dream Dog program ranges between 4-8 weeks depending on your dog and what we're planning on training.
  • Interested in how we can help with our Dream Dog Program?  Click here to learn more!
  • What's included?
    • Training equipment
    • Admission in our Freedom Dog Course, our course full of videos, handouts and tons of training information
    • Enrollment in our Freedom Dog Online Classroom for 6 months of instruction and support
    • We'll be doing as many lessons as weeks your dog is in training.  We want you to be confident in your dog's training when they come home.
  • You get all this plus your dog staying and training with me in my house with my personal dogs
  • Interested in signing up for the Dream Dog Board & Train Program?  Get Started with a Training Evaluation.  You can schedule one during the week online by clicking on the link below. Want to meet on the weekends?  No problem!  Give us a call or text at (815-955-7527) or email at [email protected] and we'll schedule a weekend Training Evaluation.
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Not sure which training option is best? Don't stress; we got you!  Give us a call (815-955-7527) or fill out our Contact Form and we'll help guide you.

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Dream Dog Board & Train Testimonial

"Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! I can not say enough good things about Nicole and her board and train program.  After losing a dog last year our family decided it was time to get a puppy. We found a chocolate lab that we fell in love with. At first everything was going great, potty training went well and I could walk him easy enough. Then as the months progressed and he grew bigger and bigger things began to get crazy.  He was chewing up shoes any change he got (I lost track of how many flip flops were destroyed), pulling on walks, had to be put in the kennel so my other dog and my family could eat in peace without him attacking out food. I couldn't play catch in the backyard with my kids without him stealing the ball or jumping on the kids to play with them.  He even jumped on my FIL when he came over to visit and almost knocked him to the ground. I was honestly having anxiety everyday about getting out of bed and having to deal with him. I knew we needed HELP!!!

Luckily, I saw a post on FB shared by a friend of Nicole's program and I began watching all of her videos on Facebook.This sounded like an answer to my prayers.  After a month, with Nicole we have a completely well behaved dog. I can walk him so easily and get compliments on how well behaved he is. Even my 7 year old can walk him down the street without him pulling. He doesn't jump on family when they come over to visit. He will lay on his mat and rest while we eat. He still enjoys playing catch, but now we don't have to wrestle with him to get the ball back. It is a dream come true to be able to enjoy every day with out new pup and not have to worry about what chewed up shoe may be laying around the corner.

I also love that Nicole shares videos of her training. I loved getting to see what Grizzly was learning everyday.  Nicole is also very thorough in making sure that my family had all the skills needed to continue working with Grizzly at home and making sure that he does not revert back to his old monster ways. If you are wondering if this program is worth it, I would definitely say YES!!!! Life is so much more enjoyable for everyone and I don't have to buy so many replacement shoes-LOL!! Thanks so much Nicole!!"

Sarah R.

Not sure which training option is best? Don't stress; we got you!  Give us a call (815-955-7527) or fill out our Contact Form and we'll help guide you.

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