Crazy to Calm Group Class

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Next Puppy and Adult classes begin Tuesday, January 18, 2022 and is 7 weeks long.

Fundamentals & Conditioned Relaxation Online Courses

Our Fundamentals & Conditioned Relaxation Courses will take you and your dog step by step through training. Our group classes are reverse classes. Meaning you'll cover videos, handouts, pictures and text before class so you get can get the more out of each class practicing with your dog. 

Exclusive Client Support Group Membership

Our Exclusive Client Support  Group Membership is an interactive, educational and supportive group for you to ask questions between class, learn from others and share successes!

You'll join when you sign up and can start training right away and cancel anytime after class ends but we encourage you to stay and continue learning and training with your dog!

Puppy and Adult Classes

 We'll be offering a Puppy Class and an Adult Class.  Puppy class is for puppies 5 months and younger.  Puppy Class will also include socialization activities and vet handling exercises we do with young puppies.  Vet requirements are a negative fecal within 30 days of class starting, age appropriate distemper/parvo vaccination and rabies at 16 weeks old.

Our Adult class is for dogs over 5 months of age.  Vet requirements are distemper/parvo (titers accepted), rabies and a negative fecal in the last six months.

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Does your dog go crazy when you pet them?

Does your dog or puppy jumping on you or mouth you when you try to pet them?  Does your touch seem to create this excessive excitement explosion of energy?

Conditioned Relaxation can help change your dog from viewing your touch with high levels of energy to being calmer and more relaxed.

This can be a great skill for you and your dog in many situations such as when guests come over, trips to the groomer or vets office or out on your daily walk.

Does your dog know how to relax without being tired?

Does your dog whine? Pace? React to a pin dropping in the room?

Most dogs we work with don't know how to relax themselves.  Relaxation feels good so we want dogs to feel better and owners to have a better relationship with their dog!

The dog in this picture is a 12 month old GSD who at the beginning of training would have been pulling and barking at me, my dogs and any car that passed on the road.  Now a few weeks later, she can lay down (on her own) and be calm during a lesson while her owner and me talk.

What does your dog do when:

 *a package is delivered

*guests come in the door

*when the pizza man drops off a pizza

Let us help your dog learn to be calmer and not feel like they need to do challenging behaviors. Have a more peaceful time at home with your dog!

Do you want a dog that pays attention to you?

Does your dog ignore you?  Or only listen in your home and blows your off outside?

Our training program will teach your dog to pay attention to you inside your house and outside.  No more begging for your dog's attention to listen to you!

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Crazy to Calm Group Class

There is a minimum of 2 dogs and a maximum of 4 dogs per class.  Class is 60 minutes long at our location in Minooka in our training room. 

When you sign up, you'll also enroll on our Fundamentals online course (get started right away!) and a Private online group for exclusive support!

This class is not suitable for dogs with reactive or aggressive issues.  If you are uncertain if your dog is a good candidate for this class, please contact us and we can help.

 Early Bird Special if you sign up by January, 1st, 2022.  Save $50!

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Puppy Class


Puppy Class begins Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 6pm

Puppy Class is for puppies 2-5 months of age on the first night of class.

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Adult Class


The Adult Class begins Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 7:15pm.

Adult Class is for dogs 6 months and older on the first night of class.

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