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Our Foundation, Freedom Dog and Dream Dog programs are waiting to give you and your dog the quality time together that you deserve!

You're struggling with your dog and thinking...


"I don't know where to get started..."

Your dog is jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, growling at people or other dogs, having accidents in the house, and going nuts when guests come over.  Taking your dog on a walk feels like a challenging or impossibly large undertaking that you avoid them.

It's so confusing...

There are so many different ways to train a dog and you feel like you don't know which one is better than another or which trainer or method you should choose.  There are just so many options!

Will your training work for us...

Our training teaches your dog to relax and align your agendas together.  With these two things you and your dog want the same things together, taking the conflict out of your relationship.

Foundation Program 

Our Foundation Program is ideal for dogs:

  • who need to learn manners
  • that have trouble walking on the leash
  • who run out doors
  • who play catch me if you can
  • with minor behavioral issues 
  • and dogs who need to learn to relax!
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For dogs with more intense behavioral issues (reactivity, aggression or anxiety) we highly recommend our Freedom Dog Program below.

Freedom Dog Program

Our Most Popular Program!

Our Freedom Dog program is for ALL dogs.  We highly recommend this program for owners who 

  • want to take the ultimate puppy or dog training course
  • do more obedience with their dog
  • want to learn Conditioned Relaxation: our massage like technique that relaxes your dogs mind by relaxing their body
  • have a dog
    • with reactivity, human or dog aggression or intense anxiety
    • who is difficult to impossible to trim their nails
    • that struggles for vet visits.
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Dream Dog Program!

Dream Dog is our ultimate Board & Train (B&T) in the Freedom Dog Training Academy.  Your dog will stay with us in our house and receive personalized training.  You will also receive private lessons to learn your dog's new training as well as 6 MONTHS support is included in the Academy.  This is our ultimate training program!

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