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You're struggling with your dog and thinking...


"I don't know where to get started..."

Your dog is jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, growling at people or other dogs, having accidents in the house, and going nuts when guests come over.  Taking your dog on a walk feels like a challenging or impossibly large undertaking that you avoid them.

It's so confusing...

There are so many different ways to train a dog and you feel like you don't know which one is better than another or which trainer or method you should choose.  There are just so many options!

Will your training work for us...

Our training teaches your dog to relax and align your agendas together.  With these two things you and your dog want the same things together, taking the conflict out of your relationship.

We help owners who 

  • want to do the ultimate puppy or dog training

  • has a dog that drags them around the neighborhood

  • want to enjoy off leash hikes with their dog & their dog comes right away when called!

  • is tired of their dog barking all the time at everything and nothing!

  • have a dog that runs out the door and jumps all over guests

  • wants to do obedience with their dog: sit, down, come, mat

  • want to learn the TBTE Relaxation Triad: a trio of activities that teach you dog how to relax and be aware of their energy.  A relaxed dog is happier and not going a mile a minute all the time.

  • have a dog

    • with fearfulnessreactivityhuman or dog aggression or intense anxiety

    • who is difficult to impossible to trim their nails

    • that struggles for vet visits.

  • And more!

Learn more about how we can SOLVE your dog training issues!

Dream Dog Program!

Dream Dog is our ultimate training program!  We offer 2 outstanding Dream Dog programs:

  • Our Results Based Dream Dog Board & Train
    • Your dog will stay with us in our house and receive personalized training.  You will also receive private lessons to learn your dog's new training as well as 6 MONTHS support is included.
  • Our Dream Dog Private Lesson Program
    • unlimited private lessons, group classes, online course and classroom for 6 months of one on one support!

    Our Dream Dog Program options are all inclusive to give you and your dog the ultimate training experience with awesome results!
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Emotion + Thought = Behavior

Our training methods are primarily based on Training Between the Ears (TBTE) techniques and principles.  TBTE was developed by our colleague and mentor, Mark McCabe.

Training Between the Ears (TBTE)SM, is a system primarily for solving behavioral problems which involve a number of techniques that all support Mark McCabe's primary objective of removing conflict from relationships and training, and to the greatest degree possible not just changing the external behaviors of the dog but actually changing the internal states and perspectives of the dog that drive problem behaviors

It is TBTE's goal to help a dog to be able not just to choose not to do bad things or to follow commands of their owners, but to get them to prefer to behave in ways that are better for their happiness, emotional and physical wellness and success in their world.

Freedom Dog Program

Our Freedom Dog Programs give you lots of support for training your dog!  We have two awesome Freedom Dog Programs!

Learn More about our Freedom Dog Programs!

Basic Freedom Dog Program

Our Basic Program is a 3 month program that can start training today!  Sign up and get our Freedom Dog Course (you get to keep it!), Online Classroom and Puppy/Academy Group class. Want more one on one assistance, add private lessons with us. Let us help you get started today!

Premium Freedom Dog Program

Our Premium Freedom Dog Program is our 3 month private lesson program.  We'll work with you and your dog for three months and up to 12 private lessons.  You'll also be enrolled in our Freedom Dog Online Course and Online classroom.  When you dog is ready, you can come to our group classes for practice around other people and dogs. Let us help transform your dog!

"Nicole was a Godsend to our family. Our 14 month old yorkie poo was disobedient and had awful manners. Nicole is a miracle worker and takes her time demonstrating how to continue working on reinforcing the behavior with the owners to ensure continued success at home. It is clear she loves the animals she cares for, treats boarded dogs as her own, and is a superb dog trainer. This experience was every thing I hoped for and more than I expected."

Jaime L.


  • Enroll in the Freedom Dog Online Course
  • Join our supportive Online Classroom
  • We also have group class memberships.
  • Get started with training right away
  • Lower upfront cost
  • Cancel anytime
  • Add one on one private lessons for more personal assistance
Learn about our Memberships

Online Membership

Our online membership includes enrollment in our Freedom Dog Online Course and access to our Online Interactive Classroom. You can do training with one or all the dogs in your household for one monthly price!

Group Class Membership

(1 dog)

In addition to what's included in the Online Membership, you can bring one dog to as many group classes as you want during the month!

Group Class Membership

(2 dogs)

Have two dogs?  Bring them both to as many group classes a month as you'd like as well as be enrolled in the Freedom Dog Online Course and Classroom.

Not sure which training option is best? Don't stress; we got you!  Give us a call (815-955-7527) or fill out our Contact Form and we'll help guide you.

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