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You're struggling with your dog and thinking...


"I don't know where to get started..."

Your dog is jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, growling at people or other dogs, having accidents in the house, and going nuts when guests come over.  Taking your dog on a walk feels like a challenging or impossibly large undertaking that you avoid them.

It's so confusing...

There are so many different ways to train a dog and you feel like you don't know which one is better than another or which trainer or method you should choose.  There are just so many options!

Will your training work for us...

Our training teaches your dog to relax and align your agendas together.  With these two things you and your dog want the same things together, taking the conflict out of your relationship.

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Private Lessons

Work one on one with a professional trainer. Your trainer will be your coach while you become your dog's trainer.

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Day Training

Your dog spends days working with your trainer, you do a private lesson with your dog and train your dog during the other days of the week.

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Board & Train

Your dog will stay in the trainer's home and be immersed in training from day one. You'll learn your dog's training in a series of private lessons so you can be successful when your dog comes home.

Which Program is Best for your dog?

Service Dog Training

We train and help owner's train their own service dogs.  Service dogs can help people with a variety of disabilities from alerting to blood sugar changes to responding to migraines to deescalating anxiety attacks.

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"She turned our dogs around and made our lives better by helping us train our dogs. NO leash pulling and the off leash training was amazing and I feel that the price we paid was a steal! I would have paid double for the service she provided! Simply amazing! Thank you."

Robert M with Sydney & Molly

Would you like to relieve stress and enjoy time spent with your dog?

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We help owners who 

  • want to do the ultimate puppy or dog training

  • need a service dog to help them
  • has a dog that drags them around the neighborhood

  • want to enjoy off leash hikes with their dog & their dog comes right away when called!

  • is tired of their dog barking all the time at everything and nothing!

  • have a dog that runs out the door and jumps all over guests

  • wants to do obedience with their dog: sit, down, come, mat

  • want to learn the TBTE Relaxation Triad: a trio of activities that teach you dog how to relax and be aware of their energy.  A relaxed dog is happier and not going a mile a minute all the time.

  • have a dog

    • with fearfulnessreactivityhuman or dog aggression or intense anxiety

    • who is difficult to impossible to trim their nails

    • that struggles for vet visits.

  • And more!

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Emotion + Thought = Behavior

Our training methods are primarily based on Training Between the Ears (TBTE) techniques and principles.  TBTE was developed by our colleague and mentor, Mark McCabe.

Training Between the Ears (TBTE)SM, is a system primarily for solving behavioral problems which involve a number of techniques that all support Mark McCabe's primary objective of removing conflict from relationships and training, and to the greatest degree possible not just changing the external behaviors of the dog but actually changing the internal states and perspectives of the dog that drive problem behaviors

It is TBTE's goal to help a dog to be able not just to choose not to do bad things or to follow commands of their owners, but to get them to prefer to behave in ways that are better for their happiness, emotional and physical wellness and success in their world.

How can we Help?

Have a new puppy?

Let us help you raise a well behaved, confident and happy dog!

Our training will help with:

  • potty training

  • socialization & exposure training

  • teaching your puppy when it's playtime and when it's quiet time

  • manners - not jumping or mouthing all over people

  • walking politely on a leash

  • being good for nail trims, brushing and vet visits

  • and more!

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Does your dog bark, pace, jump, whine...

*at other dogs or people on walks

*out a window at people walking by

*when a package is delivered

*when guests come in the door

*just because?!

Let us help your dog learn to be calmer and not feel like they need to bark at things.  Have a more peaceful time at home and away with your dog!

Do you have trouble walking your dog on a leash?

Is your dog pulling you on walks?  Zig Zagging left and right almost tripping you?  Do you not walk your dog because it's embarrassing?

When you stop and chat with a friend on the walk does your dog pull you around, whine, bark, paw at you for attention or settle and relax while you're talking?

Enjoy time in the neighborhood, chatting with a friend or going to the pet friendly outdoor market with your dog instead of leaving them at home!

"I just wanted to tell you that I took Enzo on a walk today with my daughter in the big stroller, and he did awesome!!!!...One of the best walks I've had with a dog, and I just wanted to thank you for for that.  You taught us very well!"

Rachel R. and Enzo

Want to have an awesome recall with your dog to enjoy walks and hikes off leash?

Ask about training off leash recall with your dog to enjoy tons of freedom and fun together!

Does your dog run off or play hard to catch?

Let us teach your dog to come back when called!  Enjoy a dog who comes in from the backyard right away, a dog you can take out to the park for a good run or a hike in the woods who comes back when you call the first time!  Dogs love to run, give your dog the freedom to enjoy themselves off leash!

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"Nicole is an excellent dog/people trainer! She is very patient and thorough with both the dog and the owners. I highly recommend her!"

James K

Does your dog dash out the door?

We can teach your dog to assume they cannot go through the door without permission from you.  This can be handy when going in and out of the door such as when bringing groceries in, having friends come over and when the kids go running in and out during the fun summer months.

Even little 4.5 month old Vinny knows to wait for permission to go out the door.  Good puppy!

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Do you want a dog that pays attention to you?

Does your dog ignore you?  Listens in your home and blows your off outside?  Or only listens when you get treats out first?

Our training program will teach your dog to pay attention to you inside your house and outside.  No more begging for your dog's attention to listen to you!

Is it a struggle to clip your dog nails or go to a routine vet visit with your dog?

 We can help dogs that are difficult to impossible to trim their nails (whether by the owner, the groomer or at the vet office).  We have helped dogs who have previously had to be sedated to get their nails done at the vet office get trimmed awake at home by their owners.

We can help your dog learn to relax and be opportunistic so that vet visits are not a stressful event but a smooth activity. Your dog can learn that they don't need to to be anxious or scared, shake, whine, drool or excessively pant at the groomer or vet's office.

Or perhaps you're struggling with your dog barking or vocalizing at other people or dogs in the office. Or your dog is aggressive, must be muzzled (or will bite the vet and staff), takes multiple people to handle and is very stressful on the dog, vet and staff for a basic visit for an examination, vaccinations or a heart worm blood draw.

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Does you dog suffer from:

  • Reactivity

  • Intense Anxiety

  • Human aggression

  • Dog aggression

Is your dog barking, lungeing, growling, snapping, biting at other people, or dogs.  Is you dogs a nervous wreck when you're home and panics when you're gone?

We can help your dog enjoy being with you but also comfortable by themselves when you leave.  Have a dog that is not growling, snapping, or biting.  Let us help you and your dog!

"Nicole was a Godsend to our family. Our 14 month old yorkie poo was disobedient and had awful manners. Nicole is a miracle worker and takes her time demonstrating how to continue working on reinforcing the behavior with the owners to ensure continued success at home. It is clear she loves the animals she cares for, treats boarded dogs as her own, and is a superb dog trainer. This experience was every thing I hoped for and more than I expected."

Jaime L.

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